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Micro Perforated Strips & Rings

In this section you will find all the micro-perforated plastic rings of the Tarte 4.0 range. The rings are stainless, non-stick, easy to unmould. They are high temperature stable and allow a homogeneous and optimal baking of your tarts.

Silikomart Professional is Avant-Garde!

The material of which our rings are composed, guarantees a bigger menegeability and usability compared to the classical micro perforated rings. They do not have to be covered of butter and can become pasta cutter and cutter. The microholes of our rings guarantee the humidity evaporation to obtain a friable and crunchy shortcrust. The different forms and dimensions will allow a limitless personalization. The rings are comfortable also as cutter and pasta cutter. Every Silikomart products are guaranteed for an habitual comfortable use in the dishwasher.