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Beehive 1100

Beehive 1100

In stock

  • Oven / microwave proof
  • Freezer / blast freezer proof
  • Dishwasher safe


Size: 250x90 h73mm
Volume: 1100ml

Conceived with Pascal Hainigue
BEEHIVE 1100 - SILICONE MOULD 250 x 90 H 73 MM
Product Code: 30.433.87.0065

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Beehive1100, the innovative tridimensional bûche which accurately recreates, in the upper part, the hexagonal cells typical of the beehive where the bees laboriously produce the precious nectar. The hexagonal cavities can be filled at will to create an even more realistic effect. Beehive1100 has a volume of 1100 ml and sizes 250x90 h 73 mm.



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