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60 x 40

In this section you will find all the silicone moulds of gastronorm size, from the most classic to the most modern shapes. Speed up and improve your pastry production!

Silikomart Professional is Avant-Garde!

Find out hundreds of silicone moulds for excellent results and advantages without precedents. The Silikomart moulds are characterised by an extreme versatility thanks to their comfortable use from the oven to the blast chiller. They resist easily to a temperature range from -60°C (76°F) to +230°C (+446°C). Moreover the liquid platinic silicone, of which every mould is composed, is an elastic, nonstick material that does not get old through the time. A material of excellent quality, that does not change the taste of your recipes and does not release smells; a product thought to for a food, professional use. Every mould, after having been polished and refined, is cooked for 6/7 hours at 220°/230°C (428°/446°F) in special ovens to remove possible volatile particles. This process makes the silicone moulds suitable to a food use. The elasticility and flexibility of the elements let the moulds to be piled, bent and compressed, optimizing the space that is being used for their storage. Every Silikomart products are guaranteed for an habitual comfortable use in the dishwasher. Do not miss tens of forms among gastronorm mould, form of disks, heart, star, quenelle, revenue officer, brioche, cannelles, half sphere, madeleine, cake, muffin, small log, savarin, charlotte, waffel, pandorino and donuts.