Thousands of silicone moulds and accessories for pastry and cooking. Discover our company.

About us


We shape your emotions.

The passion for the art of pastry-making is in our DNA.
Innovation is the way we think about the world.
Made in Italy is our belief.
Being a big family is our strength.
For over 20 years.

We design avant-garde pastry-making moulds that we hope to push towards new
Furthermore, we enter uncharted territories and move the limits of what can be done
to create new ways of baking.

Silikomart supports the pioneers of this art. We transform the creative genius of some
of the greatest pastry chefs of our time into extraordinary and revolutionary works of

Italian design and production: a unique combination and a guarantee of quality and
excellence throughout the world.

A passionate team of people here to inspire your creativity and shape it.